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N.O.R.D Poster

The tag line is a play on words to the well-known saying ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ in order to highlight the difficulties in diagnosing this disorder. This also creates a link with the viewer as its something they already know, comforting them before providing information on a subject they may not know anything about.
The color echoes that seen when your eyes are closed, looking up at a bright light such as when laid in a hospital bed.
The body copy is entwined around the title text to create the need for viewers to really study the poster, this in-turn emulates how closely doctors/family members are required to look at the patient to recognise the symptoms of LiS over comatose patients.

Greenall’s Gin 

The faux aged paper texture, typeface selection and style of illustration makes the poster attractive to millennials who enjoy the craft trend prevalent in society whilst providing a satyrical/comedic edge. I’ve presented the poster in this way in order to show that the product is a well established British company from a home-grown history. The humour is aimed at the specified demographic (British millennials) & the overall aesthetic draws influences from other popular brands whilst standing on its own.

Sinfonia Viva

Sinfonia Viva are a travelling orchestra set on introducing music (both classical and newer styles) into communities that otherwise have very little access. They entertain both adult and younger audiences with stories, entertaining all senses with live illustration and of course their music.

This project was a collaboration to make five separate postcards as keep sakes for each location visited. Our idea was to morph well-known locations at each venue into musical instruments, this creates a link between the site and the event – further strengthening the idea that anyone with an interest can learn an instrument, one of the messages my client wished to portray.

My outcome is of the Bentinck Memorial morphed into a cello, the memorial is also where the event will be happening.

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Myths & Monsters interactive web/board game

This project is one of my own creation in response to the Dogs Bollocks competition brief. Using recent studies that show playing board games & going to gaming events are a great way to build coping mechanisms amongst social anxiety sufferers and combining that with the requirements of the brief I  have produced a physical and web-based board game that draws influences from the 70’s/80’s fad of ‘Choose your own adventure’ books.

The game requires web access (the website is designed for mobile use as well as computer), it packs away into the equivalent of two playing card boxes and can be played almost anywhere. This allows people who find social settings awkward a modicum of control in the playing of a familiar game whilst keeping the results interesting. In addition it creates social interaction without socialising being the main focus, it provides memories with players that can be brought up in later conversations which should make further interactions a less stressful environment for people with social anxiety.

Except for the placeholder images, I created this project in its entirety. Ranging from branding and logo creation, hard copy print materials and mock web design.





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