It’s Promo time.

Here I’ve provided an example of my own business card. I decided to continue with beginnings my brand identity developed over my previous blog posts. I’ve gone with the identity of APGD (Adam Palmer Graphic Design) over my previous incarnation of Soul on Show Designs, over time I plan to change over my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’ve designed my cards to be hand made, so the pics show below are just digital examples. Continuing with my desire to create an honest brand I want to screen print the final outcome over brightly covered card, printing the negatives.

I drew inspiration for this design from one of the samples I was shown at A14 print, where they layered card and die cut into them, in essence creating the same effect that I want but with stencils. This meant that the design i particularly liked had 3 colours of cards layered up giving a central bright colour to match the revealed text. I like how this affect helped remind you what card you were looking at even from its side profile view.

Unfortunately my current budget doesn’t allow me for get those cards made and so i set about trying to emulate the end result.

By using a thick brightly coloured card and screen printing black in the negative space, the first thing you’ll notice when you receive my card is the bright blue (or whichever colour that print run is made with), then when you place my card in your pocket, wallet or even stack of other cards mine will stand out.

As this module comes to it’s end I feel that it has been exceptionally motivational. I’ve considered running a blog before but never really made the effort to get involved. Now, I have every intention of continuing this one(hence making it public) and even planning on paying out and making this my own full blown website. Using it to document my career path and self development.

Before this course I never would have contemplated approaching companies without first being invited. I’ve competed many a job application in my past and have had my fair share of rejections and worse, non respondents but this course has given me the information, skills and confidence to approach companies regardless – for some reason, even if i don’t get a reply it doesn’t feel like a rejection.

I wrote in my MDes post on what my action plan is for the summer, as yet i’ve not had the time to work on it fully with hand ins and various personal hurdles. However I now know what I need to do, Tuesday is university deadline Wednesday is the day i start the search properly. I spoke to the gents at A14 print on my visit about internships, so they will be my first port of call. Whilst it’s a printers and not a design studio it would surely be beneficial to have a better understanding of the processes. Not to mention the potential for future contacts and work.


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