My Brand

Some of you eagle eyed readers may have noticed abit of a theme to my otherwise sprawling webpage. I call it my brand.

So, what does ‘my brand’ actually mean?

The majority of my work is digital. I know many graphic designers will tell you that the best design is hand crafted, cut and pasted, photo’d and photocopied, painted and sketched and many experimentations have taken place in all sorts of mediums until the final piece is made. I’m not going to tell you any different, in fact, I fully encourage experimentation. I do this with my work, I sketch out and collage loads of pages of ideas and developments before I get close to presenting anything like the work on my page.

But most (commercial) designers also know that more often than not, their work is going to be mass produced, which means getting scanned and flattened and printed or produced on a web page if it wasn’t digital in the first place. That’s the true final outcome. Commercially It doesn’t really matter what beautiful paper stock you’ve selected if the client is going to blast it out over instagram.

A while back I attended a talk provided by Jeff Langdell where he explained his thought process on his logo. The idea was pretty simple but exceptional, his logo told people what to expect from him (more detail can be found hereBlog Three – Guest Speaker).

Taking inspiration from Jeff’s words and applying my thought process I came up with my brand. Multicolored paint splats and APGD (Adam Palmer Graphic Design) in a stamp. APGDLogoWhy? Because I work messy, I collect everything I want to work with in one place and sprawl out over several desks, I like working in minimal color but often work in multiple to fit the brief. At the end, even if I haven’t come up with anything ground breaking, it’s mine and I put my stamp on  it.

As to why it’s all digital, I like to see if it’s possible to recreate my idea into a medium that will allow the end user to mass produce it without losing quality or distortion (ask any typographer, its rude to distort someone else’s work). Yes, it does lose some of its textural magic but I’m never going to be able to reproduce that en masse. Additionally, it gives me something to keep for myself.

There will be times where, as a new digital designer someone will try and get you to explain yourself. ‘Everything’s too easy on computers’ they’ll tell you, is it? I mean can everyone knock together an A0 poster with typography that flows and tells the story of the brand perfectly, illustrations tying the story to the text and making the advert applicable to the intended demographic in a matter of hours? Next thing they’ll be telling you is that building houses was much better before we had the easy mode of power tools.

What I’m saying is that physical design is great fun and there is definitely a lot to be learned from the processes, but using software doesn’t make you any less of a designer than the guys and gals with paper cuts and paint splattered up their arms. I think I can say this because, right now, I’ve a pile of paper up to knee’s (ready to go to recycling) and ink covered palms. Whilst tapping away at my mac.

I’ll have some of my promo work up within the next few weeks where you’ll be able to see my physical work (hopefully) or at least the images before they go off to print. Thanks for popping past!


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