Walker Art Gallery.

Last Friday, I headed up to Liverpool to take a walk around a few galleries. For anyone unaware there’s several galleries within quite a close proximity of the city center including the Liverpool Tate and the Walker Art Gallery. After a long coach ride that required me to wake up at 5, I then missed my train by literal seconds which resulted in not being able to grab a coffee until half 11 when we arrived at Albert Docks, if you knew me you’d understand how distressing that was.

Once I arrived, The plan was to walk away from the docks to the furthest gallery, the Walker. Then make my way, throughout the day, back towards the coach hitting up everything on the walk back. Reality had other things in store for me, like the much-needed caffeine boost I was apparently ‘non stop whingeing’ about neepadlock2ding, cheers Luke. On the way to what I can only describe as the busiest Costa I’ve seen outside of London, I padlock1spotted lengths of linked chains, like the old dock fences (because they were), covered in padlocks with people’s names declaring their love for each other. I’ve seen this before on some of the bridges in Europe and Amsterdam and remember cursing myself for not having a decent a camera to snap up the old rusting padlocks. Not this time! I mean I didn’t have a decent camera this time either, but I did take photo’s – consider me a sucker for rusted metal declarations of eternal love (I’m such a romantic at heart, as long as it has interesting textures nd patterns of course).


I have to say  Liverpool, I’m impressed. The number of beautifully crafted old buildings & green park spaces is laudable, as also is the effort you’ve put into restoring and protecting them. But I digress.

The Walker Gallery had several exhibition rooms, ranging from classical to modern, paintings and sculptures to light shows and digital moving image, a great experience. However, I soon found myself (when I say soon, I mean like 30 seconds into the first room) snapping close-ups of sculptures and the aged art frames for my texture catalogue. MarbleFlowingIt was great to see a busy museum, possibly helped by the fact it was free entry – as a student, that is an absolute god send! There were older couples, young families and groups of students all giving me weird looks as I got audibly excited over the chisel marks in sculpted busts, cracks in old wooden frames and the shadows & reflections across the marble floors. I make no apology for this, have you seen how expensive texture books and files are?



ChromeWavesI’ve got several projects on the go at the moment, I’ll try and add a few additional pages of
my work in the coming weeks. But this trip was exceptionally useful for a couple of them, I’ve an art exhibition catalogue to create – my idea is to add a physical aspect to the artists work with blind embossing. The picture frames I’ve managed to snap has given me some beautiful patterns I intend to capture and reproduce.


My day was going according to plan until I received an email from a local design agency, Tokyo Wolf. I had made contact with them previously and asked, on the off-chance, that as i was going to be in Liverpool would they let me pop in, have a look around and chat the breeze over a coffee. Although that’ll be another post.


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