SelfieMy name is Adam Palmer, I’m a Graphic Designer living in Nottingham, UK & this is my blog – a place for me to share, rant and ramble. I might talk about social issues, my ideas, thoughts & some political stances but please know that these views and opinions are mine and are not endorsed by the company I may work for at the time. They are not meant to offend but to encourage thought.

I don’t really have one focus for my love of Graphic Design and i pull influences from all over, my work can range from pencil doodles to digital moving images to screen printing. I can find myself doing book or magazine layout one week, board game design another and stand alone artworks the next.

I enjoy getting messy, spilling ink, dropping pencils, talking rubbish and then making something out it!

If you enjoy my blog, remember to check back and if you would like to get in contact feel free to drop me a line, my email isĀ on the contact page.